Sunday, January 16, 2011

Post Apocalyptic Fiction Project - Part 1

Last year I blogged on “Series Fatigue” for The Susquehanna Writers ( where I announced a hiatus from my Perry County Mystery Series so that I could complete a post apocalyptic (PA) novel. Having established a series with familiar characters allowed me to settle into a comfort zone where I could publish a novel a year. The industry standard 80K short word count for the mystery genre also made it relatively easy to keep up with the 1 a year pace.

There are reasons other than series fatigue that caused me to set out on this new writing venture. Most of my favorite novels are PA, and I’ll list some of them in a future blog entry. Although many PA stories have already been written, mine offers a fresh perspective that I hope readers will enjoy. The PA genre also allows me to exercise my imagination in building a dystopia far removed from reality. Finally, I believe that I’ve become proficient enough to tackle the challenge of creating a sweeping epic loaded with colorful characters and a thought provoking plot so common to this genre.

A challenge is what I wanted, and as it turns out, a challenge is what I got! After a year of writing, I've reached the half way point and am on track for my spring 2012 release date. The project has tested my creative limits in ways that I never imagined, but it's also proven personally fulfilling and great fun. Isn't that why writers write?