Monday, February 28, 2011

Post Apocalyptic Fiction Project - Part 2

In both the print and film industries the post apocalyptic (PA) genre is typically classified as science fiction, yet it seems to be taken more seriously than its other sub-genre companions of fantasy, horror, and classic sci-fi. For example, strike up a conversation with someone at work about the mechanics of warp drive on the starship Enterprise and risk being labeled a nerd or even creepy. On the other hand, mention “The Book of Eli” and those same people will gush about that film’s timely relevance.

The PA genre provokes a visceral reaction because we wake up every morning to news of mankind’s increasing insanity. We ponder, is this the day that civilization finally teeters over the edge? Warp drive and time travel are unlikely to happen any time soon. Dragons and orcs exist only in our minds. But a precipitating event with the potential to plunge the Earth into chaos seems all too possible. We get that. We understand it.

And we ask ourselves … Would I be resourceful enough to survive? Could I protect my family? Could I exist in a world with no electricity? No transportation? No modern medicine? No law and order? The PA genre examines those questions and serves up characters who reflect our own vulnerabilities should the unthinkable actually occur. We applaud heroes who emerge from this fiction, because fictional heroes promise hope that humanity might also survive whatever real world dystopia the near future may hold for us.

This book project fascinates me considering all of the possibilities, and I hope my interpretation of the subject will captivate my readers, too. I look forward to sharing it with you and will continue to provide periodic updates. Coming next year - spring 2012.