Sunday, January 18, 2015

Diet vs. Exercise

Probably everyone who reads this has at one time or another thought about losing weight or getting in better physical shape. Some are self-motivated to do so and can set goals and follow a plan to reach those goals. Some need encouragement.

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Three years ago I started wearing a Fitbit and set a goal of walking 10,000 steps every day. At first, this was tough, but it became easier after I joined a group of other Fitbit users. We monitor each other's progress and can cheer or taunt via an app. Competition among peers can be a great motivator. My wife who is fiercely competitive kicks my butt every day.

I don't always hit 10,000 steps but have been fairly successful at walking a lot more than I used to. Recently I earned my Fitbit Africa badge for having walked 5,000 miles. It took me three years to do this which averages a little more than 4.5 miles a day. Not bad for an older guy like me, I guess.

So, you may ask, what has been the result of all this exercise? Have I lost any weight during the past three years?

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My problem has always been the other half of the equation. Losing weight takes exercise and diet. I wish it could be exercise or diet. Some of you responded to my recent Facebook post about the maple bacon cheesecake I enjoyed for dessert.

 Could you say no to this?

Maybe if someone would develop an app that would allow friends to compete over the amount of food they didn't eat, I'd have a chance to lose some weight. [Looks at above photo again] Well, maybe not.

What about you? Do you find exercise easier than dieting? Have you mastered both? Let me know. In the meantime, pass me the brownies!

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  1. I agree that it is both DIET & EXERCISE but at times the D word is hard to follow. As I get older I am less concerned with specific number and more on how my clothes fit, I do watch the number and if it gets to high then I increase my activity and TRY to eat better.